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One Year Down...

As I look back on my first year of serving on the Covington Independent School Board, I see how both rewarding and challenging it has been. Having gained valuable experience from my first year, I feel more confident in my role and better equipped to address the diverse needs of our students, teachers, and community.

Looking forward to my second year on the Board, I am excited about the opportunity to implement some of the initiatives we had discussed and planned during my first year. These initiatives aimed to improve student achievement, enhance district community engagement efforts, and promote diversity and inclusion and to see the projects which come out of these initiatives come to fruition and positively impact our schools.

However, I also foresee my second year presented with some challenges, such as navigating budget constraints and addressing complex issues within the school district. Despite these challenges, I plan to remain committed to working collaboratively with my fellow board members, school administrators, and community stakeholders to continue to find creative, evidence-based solutions to ensure that every student has access to a quality education.

Overall, serving a second year on the school board will allow me to build on the foundation laid in my first year and make a meaningful contribution to the success of our schools. My belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities has been reinforced, and I look forward to continuing to serve our schools and students in the years to come.

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