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Board of Ed closer to decision on Covington school consolidation

Photo Credit: LINK NKY

Covington Schools’ Board of Education completed another step toward making a decision on school consolidation Monday night.

The board agreed to bid out the production of the district’s facilities master plan to architecture firms following some brief discussion at a special board meeting Monday night.

How the district handles its project bidding processes came up in a board meeting earlier this month, when Board Member Kareem Simpson expressed dismay at the dearth of bidders for a pair of repair projects in the district as well as the projects’ combined cost, which ended up being about 60% higher than the district’s initial estimates.

“I think there needs to be another look at this particular project and the bid process,” Simpson said, “to make sure that we get additional bids to kind of stave off some of those fears that we have a higher bid, making sure that we are choosing the right contractor for our needs.”

Read the entire article published in LINK NKY here.

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